How To Get High and Free Your Mind: A self-help book about weed. by Elias Brown

How To Get High and Free Your Mind: A self-help book about weed. by Elias Brown

Fan of the Joe Rogan podcast? Then you'll love this new self help book from Elias Brown. An unconventional self help book about weed.Do any of us really know what’s going on? We live in extremely strange times. The world seems like it’s some kind of surreal movie playing out before us in a pantomime of calamity, of disagreements, division, unrest, and concern about the future. Brexit, Trump, Right vs Left. But is it really as bad as it looks? In ‘How To Get High and Free Your Mind’ I explore my theory on consciousness through the eyes of a professional actor and creative artist, and offer insight on how I’ve cultivated self belief enough to achieve things I never thought possible. Discussing topics such as The Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Yoga, Psychedelics and of course the popular plant that is taking the world by storm, Cannabis. 'How To Get High and Free Your Mind' is the ultimate guide for the millennial seeking answers to the toughest questions, including who is God? What is consciousness? How do I get the most out of my life? Is this really all there is?Is weed really that bad?

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