Destined to Dream by D. L. Teall

Darby's dreams never seem to end. Her dreams reveal things that other people can't even imagine. Then she meets Everett, and the real action begins. First in Southern California and then in Western Oregon, together they inhabit each other's dreams and change events. Combining magic realism with scientific technology, the young duo are able to save lives and escape from enemies. However, Everett's dad warns him about Darby Kellehen and her family. “Just be careful around the Kellehens. They seem like nice people, but you never know what might happen. Strangeness seems to follow them.” Yet his warning is overcome by the almost-addictive synergy that Darby and Everett experience in their shared dream states. It's all fun until a hidden evil demands his due.

Suddenly Darby and Everett are thrown together into an exciting drama on a quest to save their friends Jim and Rhonda from captivity in an underground research laboratory. But their mission gets more complicated when they realize the captor is an ancient foe, a Watcher known as Antares Grigory. He has special designs for Everett, but his family and friends rally to defend him. An epic struggle is on between opposing forces, with an uncertain outcome for Darby, Everett, and company.

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