Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail by M. Gail Grant

Middle Grades to Young Adult Epic Fantasy Fiction novel, Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail, by M. Gail Grant. Ebook is $2.99 or free for Kindle Unlimited Members, paperback $10.99.

Birthdays bring about soul searching, trying to find your life purpose. For Magdalena Gottschalk, she understood this concept well. Magdalena knew she was different from the others, but didn't understand why. She really hoped that turning thirteen would help her solve the mystery. She decided to join her best friends Gabriel and Hubert for a Saturday expedition through the woods, behind Hubert's family barn. It didn't take long for the trio to discover the crooked trail. Little did they know, they would change Lily Brooke's destiny in one afternoon. Enchanted symbols and demons await them in the hidden sacrificial cave. Their journey isn't for the faint of heart, as they can sense danger is looming near. The enchanted treehouse holds secrets of its own. Magdalena and her friends discover their beloved church, St. Irmgardis, may hold the secrets to Lily Brooke's past. Magdalena learns that life altering circumstances don't define you. How you handle yourself in moments of discovery, does. Determined and united, the friends push forward to save their community from dark times. In the most desperate of moments, will teamwork save the day? Magdalena learns to find the faith from within. Evil has no power over those that BELIEVE. Love and loyalty comes in many shapes and sizes. Faith, unity, and embracing differences, will lead to a better tomorrow, TOGETHER.

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