The Beast Within: by Daniel Thomas Jr.

Forget everything you have ever read about addiction and substance abuse. The Beast Within unveils the raw truth that addiction lies within us all, ready to take control at any time.

Ever felt so lost within your own mind that it’s as if someone else is controlling your body?

Ever felt so alone and filled with guilt, grief, that suicide felt like a viable option?

Ever thought that you would be stuck in one terrible moment, forever?

There isn’t much hope for escape. Or is there?

Is redemption really possible?

Author Daniel Thomas, Jr. writes from the heart in his book on overcoming drug addiction and hopes to help others who are seeking peace from The Beast Within.

With his sharp knack for storytelling, Dan shares:

Why addiction is such a misunderstood issue in our modern society
His personal struggles with addiction and recovery
How to overcome your own inner demons
Written in fiction format to protect the identity of real people, The Beast Within will spread bare the life of JT and a soul tormented by his own inner demons. It is a vivid reflection of a addict’s struggle with his own life, while grieving the deaths of friends and loved ones.

The battle between angels and demons has never been more personal.

Will JT be saved by the Angels of his faith?

Will he succumb to the demons that haunt him?

Will the “Beast Within” ultimately capture his soul or will he overcome his addiction once and for all?

Is freedom from The Beast Within even possible?
Knuckle down, grab a chair, and find out by getting lost in the following pages.

0.99 CENTS

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