A Boy's Cry by Andrew Beckford

The natural instinct of a child is to love his Mother and Father and vice versa for the parents. That was what Anthony believed when he finally got the chance to settle with his Mother. Little did he know about the drama that unfolded long before he was born. It was partly to do with the family feuds that changed his life to a living nightmare and yet into a legend. Anthony realized the signs of his dysfunctional family when he was physically and emotionally abused by his own Mother, Jade, but still he loved her. He loved her wholeheartedly, until he realized that the love would never be mutual. That was when he realized that Jade's vindictive hate was all about the absenteeism of his own father, a father he never knew. It was that realization that gave him the self motivation, courage and strength to do or die, swim or drown and he was ready to do. His age became irrelevant because he had to grow fast with a fanatic mind to do whatever it takes to defend his cause. His cause was to prevent the abuse of children like himself and nothing was going to stop him, or so he thought. Soon, with his charm and super intelligence, he won the hearts of many, many who were now prepared to help him to prevent the cruelty of children. There was however one problem; Jade was also determined to get what she wanted and she would stop at nothing to get it. There were others who did not take kindly to Anthony's interference and they wanted him out of the way. He began to unravel things about Jade which compounded everything he had planned for. He then became a wounded lion, and whether or not he was able to heal is for you to find out.

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