Mental Health Positivity and Mindfulness: How You Can Improve Your Work/Life Balance When the Pressure Just Keeps Growing by Julia Adams


How You Can Improve Your Work/Life Balance When the Pressure Just Keeps Growing

So easy to say, but it seems when we try to apply something new to our lives, it feels almost impossible doesn't it?

In this book you will find ways that will help you to find different ways and methods to inject into your lifestyle and mindset to balance out the pressure even when it seems the pressure keeps pushing, pushing and pushing harder.

Learn how your Mental Health affects your work
Understand the role optimism plays and how having it can help your work-life balance
Learn how to be a successful Leader Under Stress
Discover the secret benefits of mindfulness
Create and achieve a Work-Life Balance

We all know that in today's environment there are pressures from every direction that seems placed upon us. Shuffling kids to and from practice here and there, doctor's appointments, dentist and orthodontist appointments, meetings with teachers, dinner with friends, work meetings, buying groceries, checking on our parents, making it to work on time every day, and the list could go on forever.

But in this book, we will explore the things to lighten your load by being positive and, through mindfulness, possibly enjoying a more satisfying life.

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