Learn Laugh Lead: How to Avoid a Huge Leadersh*t by Brian M Harman,‎ Stephanie M Taglianetti

Take a whiff. There’s an awful stench lingering in every organization across the globe. And that’s unsurprising. Our world is full of corporate dingleberries - leaders leaving a skid-mark trail for today’s business students and young professionals to follow along in. It's disgusting. This endless institutional shitswamp is in desperate need of a fresh, new kind of leader. You (operative word: fresh).

Learn, Laugh, Lead: How to Avoid a Huge Leadershit is the industrial roll of toilet paper the professional world’s been hoping would come along to clean up after itself. This book teaches you how to maximize your career through storytelling and positive time perception, leaving you with golden nuggets of life lessons from today’s best executives and entrepreneurs.

We’re in the middle of a catastrophe, and we’ve got to work together to clean up this syndicate shitstorm. Don’t live with regret - get this book now. 

Writer and CalArts MFA grad Stephanie M Taglianetti teams up with professor/businessman/PhD student Brian M Harman for a unique right brain/left brain approach to leadership development that will leave you laughing hysterically. They will supply you with a diverse toolkit filled with the best behaviors and most valuable skills to help you become a future-proof leader. So, shit or get off the pot.

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