Sebastian: The Life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene by Elizabeth Johnson

Sebastian was turned into vampire on his eighteenth birthday by his mother whom he thought had died 10 years earlier. His mother taught him how to live amongst humans without spilling blood. Almost two centuries later, his mother is killed and he blamed the humans. He went of a killing spree to exact vengeance for the death of his mother. After a year of brutal killings, he comes upon the child of a woman he just killed, and he couldn't bring himself to hurt her. He named the child Hanna and found her a home and then provided for her anonymously so that she never lacked a thing.
He disappeared from her life to better himself for all the killings he had done. Sebastian believed his love for her was like a father and returned seventeen years later to see how Hanna was faring, only to discover that Hanna had grown into a beautiful woman and he fell in love with her again but this time as a lover.
He planned an accidental meet, that did not go well, Sebastian vowed to leave Hanna's life for good, when he discovered that other vampires and wolves were after her life and it's now up to him to secretly guard her life.

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