The Ultramarathon Guide: A Simple Approach To Running Your First Ultramarathon by Michael D'Aulerio

An Ultra marathon is an extreme endurance event. Its all running. Running, running, running! They are races that are long than a standard marathon. They consist of 50k, 50 Mile, 100k, 100 mile and even longer! With the new year around the corner it would be an incredible new goal for runners. 

Is running something that you do a lot of?
Are you considering doing an ultramarathon?
Do you need some help to understand what it will involve?
Whether you are already an ultramarathon runner, or someone who is about to embark on the challenge, The Ultramarathon Guide: A Simple Approach To Running Your First Ultramarathon, is a book that can help you realize your dreams.

Inside these pages, you will discover all you need to know about taking the first steps in this gruelling challenge, as well as:

-How this experience will change your life
-An easy to follow training program
-How you can shatter your expectations
-Changing your running mentality for ever
-And much more…

Becoming an ultrarunner is a simpler process than you may think. By keeping things simple and focusing on both the physical and mental side of the challenge, helps you to understand that running any distance is within your capabilities.
The Ultramarathon Guide makes training simple, prepares you for race day and teaches you the true meaning of mind over matter. It will guide you to the starting line and across the finish and you will never doubt yourself again.

Get a copy now and start your ultrarunning journey today!

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