A Dash of Digital Thought: A Deep Trek Into The Dark & The Light by Allen Yoakum

Avant-garde, modern and experimental, this stunning collection of emotionally-charged poems will make you rethink your existence and inspire you to new heights of imagination.
A Dash of Digital Thought by Allen W. Yoakum is an anthology of over 70 story poems featuring a flowing, minimalist writing that brings together a wonderful array of lucid thoughts that’s almost psychedelic in character.

This collection of poems is a gives a front row look into the creative expression of the light and dark phases of the modern human existence and captures the full essence of the modern experience and emotions.

These refreshingly simple lines from the prose in this collection represents Yoakum at his finest: the language is straightforward, clear and modern, yet dense with meaning and significance. Inspired from everyday incidents in his life, Yoakum has fashioned prose of great lyrical artistry and potent symbolism.

Included are many exquisite and evocative prose: "The Day the TV Died," "The Sex Slave," "A Techno Generation," "A Son’s Mind," "Loveless Lucy," Junkie Addiction” and many more.

Unflinching and brazen, yet entertaining, Yoakum condenses the titillating highs and soul-crushing lows of life into perfectly evocative and extremely descriptive lines, which makes for enjoyable and unforgettable reading.

Incredibly cathartic and inspiring, A Dash of Digital Thought will make you redefine what is important and invite you to venture into and intense and thought-provoking journey from pain to satisfaction, hope to despair and dark to light. This poetry book is for everyone who enjoys poetry, whether they realize it or not.

Buy A Dash of Digital thought today and unleash your imagination and creativity!

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