Almost Dark: A collection of 4 stories by Chandradip Paitandi

Story#1: Yeti

Dr. Basu was a key member of Sir Edmund Hillary’s Yeti expedition team. After one incident during a trek, Dr. Basu abruptly ended his quest for the elusive mythical creature. Much later, his grandson Rohit began his journey to unravel the Earth-shattering secret rooted in ancient India that Dr. Basu had buried deep inside. The journey met with some more shocking revelations that no-one was prepared for.

Story#2:Animal Instinct

All hell broke loose in the otherwise peaceful life of Shreya and Arnab after their visit to the Temple of Rats in Rajasthan. Sleepless nights fraught with fear started turning them insane. Then help came from an unlikely and unwelcome source.

Story#3:The Last Portrait

Famous painter Sumanta Sen once dreamt of a canvas with an outline of someone’s face. He did not care until the sketch started getting shape in his subsequent dreams. The incomplete face looked eerily familiar to him. But whose face?

Story#4:The Creep

Esha was alienated by her friends, thanks to her uncanny psychic abilities. After her mother’s death, she clung to only three people and a pet dog for her survival. Esha’s powers were put to the ultimate test when death came to take everything she had kept close to her.

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