Fast Metabolism Diet: Unveiling Hidden Secrets to Having a Better Life by Annika Reinert


This guide will show you how to hack your metabolism, burn excess fat and change your life.
Metabolism is a heavily misunderstood topic. A google search will leave you more confused than you were before your research. With lots of self-styled “gurus” promoting conflicting, and often times, wrong advice, it’s easy to become stumped.

Fast Metabolism Diet is a definitive, no-nonsense guide that cuts through all the hogwash that is rife in the diet industry and really shows you how to master your metabolism and take back control of your weight… and your life.

With countless hours of research on the relationship between metabolism, exercises and dieting condensed into a single book, Fast Metabolism Diet completely takes the guesswork out of improving your metabolism with superior and effective tips and techniques that will set you well on your way to optimum health.

Here’s a snippet of what you’re going to discover in Fast Metabolism Diet:

How to hack your metabolic process and boost weight loss
How to boost your metabolism using these little-known foods and drinks. Some of them might surprise you!
Avoid these 7 things that slow down your metabolism
Fat melting super foods that boosts metabolism
How to speed up your metabolism using these secret foods
Exercises to boost your metabolism
15 simple metabolism boosting secrets
…and much more!

Deeply intuitive and practical, Metabolic Diet is a guide like no other that blends and nutrition and anatomy in a refreshingly effective way to help you get into excellent health… fast.

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