Have you ever felt anxious?: Supporting parents to talk to their children about uncomfortable or unfamiliar feelings.:by Lee Sullivan

Have you ever felt anxious? Amelia is starting school but every time she thinks about it, she gets an icky, yucky, weird feeling in her belly. Have you ever felt that way? Has your teacher, your parents, or your friends ever felt like that? Is there anybody out there who doesn’t ever feel that way? Join Amelia and her mum as they embark on a journey to find answers to those questions and as they discover some amazing ways to stop feeling so icky. Who knows? Maybe Amelia might even feel happy about starting school! About the Author: Lee Sullivan has worked in secondary education as a pastoral leader for many years. During this time, he has found that on numerous occasions, his students had difficulty in dealing with unsettling or negative emotions. More worryingly, was how challenged students felt when talking about their emotions, especially with their parents. As a new father to a baby girl, Lee wanted his daughter to feel confident and comfortable talking to him about anything. He wrote this book, one of a series, so that he could share with his daughter that certain emotions and feelings were natural and talking to someone about them was the best way to get support. Lee does not claim to be an expert in metal health, but through his experiences with his students and their challenges in opening up to parents, he firmly believes that if parents talk to their children early on in life then they will be better equipped to deal with these feelings as they grow up. Helping them to feel at ease discussing their feelings, good and challenging, with parents in later life.

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