Star-Spangled Apocalypse by Harmon Cooper

A Texan. A yogi. One hell of a journey.

Assuming the fiery attack by the Russians on Austin, Texas is the start of Armageddon, James, an East Texas good ol’ boy with a drinking problem, and Virgil, a drugged-out yogi, set out on an adventure across America to save James’ long lost son.

Along the way, James and Virgil form a bipartisan relationship stitched together by mutual self-destruction as they encounter a series of angels and demons who force the former co-workers to come face to face with their folly, its impending results, and the burgeoning doom that lies ahead.

Reader discretion is advised: Star-Spangled Apocalypse is a controversial tale which contains adult situations, mockery of right wing media figures, celebrity angels who dress like rappers, heavy drinking, drug and hallucinogen usage, paranormal encounters, sword and gun violence, crazy Texans, theft, suggested suicide, general blasphemy, and a talking cat named Arjuna.

If you like Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Chuck Palahnuik, American Gods, and Stephen Colbert’s satire, you’ll love this twisted urban fantasy story from Amazon best-selling author Harmon Cooper.

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