Agent Advantage: How Real Estate Agents in St. Louis Metro East Can Make More Money by Bryan Vogt


Bryan Vogt is a successful real estate professional in the St Louis Metro East market. Bryan's first book "Ready Set Sold" is a primer for anyone wanting to sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

In his second book, Agent Advantage, Bryan outlines the perfect company he envisions for fellow real estate professionals.

A company that listens to their agents needs and acts on them.

A company where agents feel they are a part of something. Not just a paycheck for their broker/owners.

A company that gives its agent the freedom and the coaching and the training to have real success.

A company that instead of fear and scare tactics uses coaching and mentoring programs to help agents get the best out of themselves.

A company that it trying to put more money in the agent’s pockets instead seeing how much they can take.

A company where agents are free to charge what they want for their services and to market themselves as best they see fit with the ability to create teams to not only help other agents in the business but truly make more money and give agents the time to spend it.

In short, a company to let motivated Agents run their business as they see fit with coaching, and training to help support their dreams!

If you are a Broker who is wanting some fresh ideas to make your company more attractive to Agents, or if you an Agent who is wanting to know what makes a great company to hang your license under, then Agent Advantage is a book you should read.

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