CHICKENS: A Space Adventure by Jon Torres

Like most interplanetary incidents, it started with a misunderstanding about sandwiches. Then it just gets crazy. Jump into this fast, riotous space-romp and join Captain Seijin, Engineer Poxner and their crewmates as they search the galaxy for a new home planet. That is, unless the bloodthirsty Crocodiles catch up to them.

There will be purple monsters, dungeons, cotton candy and other perilous encounters. Omeek learns magic swords are best left alone (but he doesn't). Kiku fearlessly battles a crocodile (spoiler: rocks had to be involved). Poxner will also learn that being a hero involves a lot of falling down, (and not a small amount of screaming) unfortunately. There's a massive chase-fight into an asteroid field where the chickens are massively outnumbered by the dreaded crocodiles. Just how much excitement can you throw at a chicken in space?

If you miss the humor of Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams, and just feel you want more of that wit and adventure, this book is for you. Or if you wished David Barry would make more funny nonfiction. Or if you just want a good funny book, this one's definitely for you.

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