Partied Out: Face your Fears, Uncover your Potential, and Come ALIVE by Lona Sargent

After college, Lona Sargent moved from her small hometown in Maine to Delray Beach, Florida, where she partied hard, used alcohol frequently, and experimented with drugs. When she lost a close friend to an overdose, she became cognizant of her lifestyle choices and the path her life was on. She refused to continue living the way she had been. As she describes in "Partied Out," Lona began to make small changes to her mindset, commitments, and actions that truly turned her life around. In her book, she uses her story to help others discover the true happiness she found within herself. She will make you ask yourself, “Are you just living? Or are you truly alive?”

This book isn’t about recovery nor does it shun the activity of drinking alcohol. This book is Lona’s story of how dark her life was at one point, and the extreme mind and body transformation she went through that changed her life forever. It describes how you can go from being in the darkest hole to living a life full of purpose, intent, and, most importantly, happiness. "Partied Out" will encourage you to not settle for a life beneath you but instead to build one that makes you come alive. Let Lona show you how you can finally break through your fears and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible, the person who has been waiting inside of you all along.

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