ROBOT BOT : A group of sweet and friendly robots. Each one has a unique character and an educational message. by Eyal Schwartz

Robot-bot is telling the story of a group of sweet and friendly robots. Each one has a unique character and an educational message. The world is getting so much more technological today, that there is a need to educate kids from a very young age, to know the new codes and all the devices around us. Simple robots or multi-robots would appear more and more around us. The fact that we are coming from the 20th Century with robots that were very primitive like TV or a VCR. Even stereos and cars are very limited robots, as they're doing one or two maximum three functions, whereas the new robots emerging nowadays are capable of multitasking. They will be very very intelligent, by far more advanced than anything we ever experienced, not even in our dreams. This book opens a series of children's books. It is an outcome of an author exploring the future, through lectures by people that are developing towards the singularity. In the future world of 2030- 2040 where books are changing into an interactive reality format. Where we can participate in the story; when we see and explore space and other places on the earth, without flying there physically just through our imagination and our new ways of communication. I can see the book industry changing into something that is audio visual interactive book. Maybe we will stop calling it a book soon, and it will just be a literature experience or multi-book or some kind of a new name to the experience, that you want to touch it, to download it or even encounter it. It will take you into an audio-visual extrasensory experience where you not only get the text in an audio or a movie like it is today, but you actually experience the book as if you are creating the book. It is still not happening but I truly believe that in a few years when you will interact with the book you'll feel the feelings that the author felt while he was creating it. Then you would understand the depth and the meaning of the text. It's a very special experience, maybe even like an emotional book. I'm looking forward to receiving comments from parents of those kids. I'd like to know how they receive the story. it is a bit like poetry at the moment. Enjoy your reading.

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