Survival Skills Of A Single Mom by DeAngela S. Reid

While raising my children practically alone, I have both experienced and seen a gamut of issues, challenges, concerns, problems, life matters, and encounters. My sincere heart’s desire is to share my life lessons to bless other single parents and their respective households. We don’t all encounter the exact same challenges in life, however we all faces challenges. There’s no bigger job than being responsible for another person.

Many seek a better quality of life, while others have financial resources yet no physical support system. There are several parents struggling in areas of delayed gratification or making great life decisions, yet we all hope that our children will turn out to be decent human beings and actual assets to society. I ‘m convinced that if parents are in a better state of mind and their goal is to raise decent people then this world will be a better place.

It’s written for all races, cultures, geographical areas and walks of life. Whether divorced, widowed or never married should all be encouraged and assured that you are not as alone as you have perceived. This series shares letters of life and love from single parents and children raised in single parent households, as well as inspirational quotes, poetry and lighten up moments.

The entire series is dedicated to my beloved friend Ms. Jocquline “Jackie” Mott who passed away in 2016. She wrote one of the letters featured in the book as she shared this plight with me as she raised four beautiful children of her own.

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