Intermittent Fasting: A 1 Hour Guide to Losing Weight, Increasing Energy, and Boosting Sex Drive by Christian Palmer

A shortcut to effortless dieting, weight management, and incredible sex without giving up what you love to do or eat!

•Do you want to really lose weight?
•Are you struggling with sticking to a diet?
•Do you want a process that will help you get started with your weight loss and fitness goals without having to fall off track looking for another solution?
Short Practical Guide Intermittent Fasting
In my short book, you’ll learn the basic framework of fasting.
You will learn the different methods of fasting and why it’s one of the simplest ways of creating a lifestyle around it.
Fasting is one of the oldest most effective practices to ensure weight management and yet is highly misunderstood and underutilized.
This book is for beginners, with no prior fasting experience who want a practical diet. I will walk you through the basic fundamentals of what you need to get started on your intermittent fasting journey.

You Will Learn:
•The basic principles of Intermittent Fasting
•The most common methods used today
•How to lose weight without losing muscle
•How to increase sex drive and focus
•And my Bonus quick start Hack list to getting started Now!
Are you ready to close the gap between you and your dream self?

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