Our Daughter is Getting Married by Gail Heath

The book has 20 reviews, all 5 star

Beautifully rendered with vividly colorful pictures, OUR DAUGHTER IS GETTING MARRIED, is a book written for children. It is about two young women in love and getting married. This much needed picture book, written in rhyming form, captures the essence of supportive families, and explains the joining of two female partners who begin a voyage of love and togetherness. The rhyming words and colorful pictures unfold to reveal a story of love and harmony enjoyed by all family members. It begins when one of the mothers receives a phone call from her daughter telling of her intentions to get married. The reader is taken on an exciting journey of selecting wedding rings, choosing gowns, sending wedding invitations, deciding on flowers and the wedding cake, decorating the reception hall, and finally joining in the final vows to become partners for life. This is followed by the father-daughter dance and the reception itself. OUR DAUGHTER IS GETTING MARRIED is a much needed book of support for the real life circumstances of many members of the LGBT community. It brings harmony and common sense and will do much to remove divisiveness. Told with incredible sensitivity, this book will change how some people will view marriage---especially a LGBT marriage. Once read, the book will NOT be forgotten.

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