Poetic Addictions: Memoirs of a Girl: Part 1 (Part 1: Chemical Dependency) by Jasmine Rose

People who have never done drugs before still have the tendency to become addicts. The fact that they desire a vice more socially acceptable it doesn’t mean that it can’t destroy their lives too. We all are born with desires and regardless of if it manifests itself through indistinct forms such as food, sex, or games that cause damage to the brain, these addictions are no different or better than drugs or alcohol. Addicts are humans who passionately over-stroke the sensitive roots of all addictions within our minds known as the pleasure center. Knowing this fact is helping me today become my true self and know who I am apart from my addictive personality.

Many addicts like myself don’t learn about the disease of addiction, and how it has many forms. Even after getting clean from mind altering things, you still act like an addict through your personality and actions. This is the root of the problem. Addicts must find why they are triggered, and what makes them feel shame, guilt or sadness. Whatever the problem is, open up and tell it so that you can overcome it. I’ve decided to tell all my secrets not only for me but for all addicts out there who are holding on to regret by bottling up feelings and emotions that need to be exposed for us to move on.

I hope this inspires all addicts alike to embrace their inner beauty and remember that being an addict does not define who we are. Making bad decisions does not define us either. You define you by the decisions you make today driving your future of tomorrow. Desiring to share the message of hope, strength and endurance beyond the inner battles, we try so hard to tame yet end up being lamed.

This collective series is my personal diary containing the poems I have written for over 15 years. Including my most recent relapse after over 7 years clean. This is Part 1: Chemical Dependency

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