The Gift (The Djinn Masters) by N.C. Westyn, Nanita Jewett


Sometimes gifts come with a history and strings.

Andie Finley lives in two worlds. The first being the world we all know where everything seems to have a rational explanation. At the same time she lives in the real world where supernatural creatures called Others coexist in secret with us, and nothing is as it seems. Keeping the secret wasn’t always easy, but she kept it, just like she kept secrets for her family’s tech company. After receiving her doctorate she’s given an unusual gift that brings a host of people and problems into her formerly predictable life.

The djinn criminal Kavar St. John, spent centuries granting wishes. He sees no possible end to his punishment until he arrives in Northern California in 2047 where he meets Andie. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known and may be the key to his freedom or his destruction.

Driven by a need to protect Andie, Evan Magnus is a Shapeshifter and former mercenary. He’s been watching her from afar for years. Moving into the neighborhood he becomes part of Andie’s life while trying to leave behind his past. A past he must revisit when Kavar is tasked with capturing an escapee from his old prison. In accepting help from Andie and Evan, Kavar puts them in the sights of a dangerous adversary called Bliss. An adversary Kavar knows well.

Cold, cunning, and manipulative, Bliss is a master at playing the long game. He’s hidden among Humans for centuries while quietly building his empire and growing more powerful. Now he wants something from Andie that could save lives or destroy them.

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