Affair With The Billionaire: Episode One by Laney Powell

Affair With The Billionaire: Episode One

Sometimes you don't get what it is you want. But you will get what you need.

Sexy, single playboy Dane Kairis has never had to settle down and take life seriously. Until now. He's not sure he really wants to, but he has no choice but to come home. He must face his past in order to have a future. And his past isn't making things easy. In fact, it's being a pain in his...well, it's being a pain.

He certainly doesn't have time for romance, or a woman. Not even a woman as spectacular as Lilian.

Lilian Hennington has no desire to be entangled with the sole heir to the Kairis fortune, but finds that she can't seem to stay away from him. She knows his past does him no favors. And she's not one to cast stones at those with a past. So why can't she say no? She has no problem with the word in the rest of her life. 

He is most definitely not what she needs. But that doesn't seem to matter, either. She's drawn to him in a way she can't explain.

What starts as a casual business introduction quickly grows into a steamy series of unbridled passion that threatens to consume them both. 
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