I Am Out Of Shape: The journey from being down and out to shaping up by Dwayne Bester

Being out of shape is more than just three words. Being out of shape can disrupt every part of your life as you know it.

"You can work out of the shape you are in and into the best shape that fits your life."

In this heartfelt book about overcoming obstacles, Dwayne Bester discovers he is out of shape while facing uncomfortable situations that have plagued him over the past 10 years.

Dwayne is in constant flux, as he battles with himself over occurrences that are pushing him to his breaking point. With nowhere to run for safety and not wanting to confide in friends
or family, Dwayne decides that staying in the moment wasn't an option anymore.

While approaching his moment of truth, Dwayne catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror and for the first time, he heard those three powerful words that would set him on a course of redefining his life.

Dwayne's discovery of being out of shape would extend way beyond his physical attributes. He would discover that being 
out of shape can affect you spiritually, emotionally and 
financially as well.

This book will leave you with a sense of purpose and the courage to be a hero to yourself.

No matter what the challenges are in your life, you will always have the opportunity to work out of the shape you are in and into the best shape that fits your life.

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