Interview: The Guide to a Successful Job Interview (interview, Questions, better, successful, offer, guide, job) by John Tony


Unemployment rates are already high and getting worse by the day. The cost of education is rising, and the confidence of landing a good job even after completing college has dwindled. Companies do not need people with just degrees or skills; they are looking for people with the right attitude. If a person doesn’t have skills, he or she can learn the right skills while on the job. As long as people work with the right attitude, they will be welcome in any company.

A lot of people have skills and even the right attitude. However, only a few know how to present themselves. Presenting your knowledge, your manners and your ‘workability' is a part of a skill-set known as ‘soft skills.' If you possess these skills, it is impossible that you won't score a job when you try.

Many people are afraid of confrontation. They are knowledgeable. However, they do not know how to display their knowledge and how to talk and behave in a way that impresses others.

If you don’t feel confident about having these skills, don’t worry. This book will try to solve all the three problems mentioned above and will help you tackle interviews and related situations effectively.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Preparing for the Interview
The Day Before Interview and First Impressions
The Day of the Interview
Commonly Asked Questions
Much, much more!

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