Sisters of Secrets: The Story of Sisters Leading Up to the Turpin Case Arrest by Elizabeth Flores

She remembered those days of her Mommy and Daddy and her big sister Louise going to church together, sitting as a family. But at age 8, everything changed. Her sister who had shielded her from the sexual abuse of her Papaw wasn’t there to take her place. Her sister who had drawn her little body close into hers to cover her ears from the screaming and fighting had now gone.

Her 16 year-old sister wanted to get away from the abuse and never come back. She had found her escape by marrying a man almost 7 years older. He would take her away from all this. Elizabeth had nowhere to go, to hide or escape especially now that her parents divorced. She and her baby sister were now alone with a mother who fell into darkness; running far from God and doing things unspeakable. Things that were to be kept secret. “Go on over there and play with your Pawpaw a while.” Mommy would say, forcing her girls to go into the dark place of the dirt basement. They went…knowing what was going to happen there. After all, Mommy really gave them no choice.

Forced to endure molestation, homelessness, starvation and things that no child should ever experience, God put a resilience in her that was supernatural. She held on to the times when Mamaw would take her to church and to be reignited with the love of Jesus. She saw His protection in action. One night while hiding behind the seat of her Mommy’s car outside of the local bar to pick up a dangerous man, little Elizabeth had prayed, “God, if you don’t let this man come out and get into this car I promised I will serve you the rest of my life.”

And she has. God had already healed her from a fatal heart condition. If He could do that, couldn’t He do these things she prayed over? She held on when Papaw molested her. She kept her faith when Mommy got raped and beat so bad that she ended up in the hospital for weeks. She didn’t give up when she became homeless and was forced to live with Mommy and her other 3 sibling in the little Chevy, living on bread and ketchup sandwiches.

She knew she had to hold on because while at the alter praying for her mom an elderly woman had prophesied over her at just age 11 that she would write a story on her life and show others how to overcome. Before this would happen, the secrets about her past and her sister, would revealed to a level that would come to be known all over the world. It wasn’t just her battle. It is a War.

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