The Heir and the Spare: A Governess Romance by Sara November


In this Regency Romance Lavinia is determined not to give in to the charms of her bosses son. She has an intense hatred for the aristocracy but is intent on living Her life in her own way. One of her dreams is to become the greatest Governess in Cambria. Edmond Templeton is in line to become one of the richest men in Yorkshire. He is the son of a Duke, a vicious bare knuckle fist fighter and a neighborhood rake. He has disgraced the family so his father has taken to desperate measures.....He arranged a marriage of convenience to the daughter of a drinking acquaintance to settle a gambling bet. At a masquerade ball, Edmund spots a woman he must have but she is masked. Oddly enough it's Lavinia, the two realize the passion is overwhelming. They make a plan to foil the marriage but all goes wrong and all hell breaks loose inside and outside the Hall. Death has come for a dance..Whom shall she leave with??

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