The Law of Attraction the secret Formula: Finally achieve quick success (English Edition) by Kyra van Hennings

The Law of Attraction the secret Formula: Finally achieve quick success (English Edition) by Kyra van Hennings

The Law of Attraction - the secret formula
Finally achieve quick succsess
You want to know how to do the Law of Attraction works for YOU?

You want to have quick results , so that there is no need to be impatient or worried?

Then this book will give you the answers to all your important questions and will give you a save technique how to work with this spiritual law thatwill Fulfill your deepest desires .

Every successful person in this world is using these principles, sometimes unconsciously. Nevertheless it works without a doubt, every second of your live. It is your turn to use it.

If you are a frequent reader of books in that area, this book could be your personal breakthrough . The secret formula, whitch is described in this book unify old mystic knowledge and modern science. Be sure, if you work with this technique, your life will change positively in many ways.

You want to learn:

  • how to manifest without needing excellent visualization skills
  • how to let go limiting supplies
  • how to work on your goals with fun and without any doubt
  • how to get your frequency in the manifestation zone
  • how to erase all doubt in uncertainty about your goals
  • if and how affirmations work
  • how your subconscious works
  • what the secret formula is

Who is it?

  • people that have no dreams or goal and prefer to keep everything the same
  • People are scared of their own power within
  • people who are not willing to change 

Which personal benefits will you get

  • it will only take a short time until you can start using this knowledge
  • you want to save time, because the authour wants to come quickly to the point
  • you do not need a long time to practice
  • you want to erase your success roadblocksyou want to be in a child of flow while reading

There is no such thing as coincidence - 

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