Symptoms of hope and fear: Shadows of the past by Sonja Wuthrich

Symptoms of hope and fear: Shadows of the past by Sonja Wuthrich

Kyra doesn’t believe in ghosts. Too bad this one needs her help…

All Kyra Johnson wanted was a summer of sunshine, shorelines, and quality time with her father and sister. Unfortunately, the ancient Italian castle they’re staying in has some dark secrets of its own, secrets determined to keep Kyra up at night.

Because each evening as she crawls into bed, a ghost appears, the sullen specter of a man long dead—and still restless. He has roamed the halls of the castle for centuries, waiting for redemption in the form of a lookalike descendant. Because if his doppelganger discovers true love, he can at last move on.

And the descendant who must find a bride to free the ghost? A young, handsome count named Luca Rossi who doesn’t give a damn about the legend, even if it does include hidden riches. Broken-hearted over his ex-fiancée, who dumped him without a second glance, he is content to wallow in self-pity and plot his revenge on all of woman-kind.

So scaring Kyra with a little supernatural play-acting is just par for the course.

But the unlikely couple aren’t the only two who know of the legend. There are thieves watching the castle from the shadows, determined to make those long-lost jewels their own.
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