The First Barbarian Slave: When Truth Meets Falsehood (The Rise Of A King) by Ansu Turay

The First Barbarian Slave: When Truth Meets Falsehood (The Rise Of A King)

"The example of truth and falsehood is like the example of gold and gold plated; one appears to be like the other but under certain circumstances only one resists corrosion."

Those who oppose the gods of the "accepted society" were considered barbarous. Such a thought only gives birth to tyrannical ideologies. After the Four Moon War, the Makeneans became the property of the Golden Race Army and all religious books were burnt. Freedom became a myth for all but a few. 

Rofurmer, the last rightful king, patiently waits for the bright star in the north to reach a spear’s height from the horizon. Clinging on to what may seem to be an illusion, he hopes that the army would honour their truce. Is he a fool to trust a race that has no moral compass? What would you say to a man who chooses falsehood over truth? — Or a man who would rather befriend an enemy than accept defeat? Nevertheless, drowning men always clutch onto straws.

The book is developed upon several layers and is not comprised of just the traditional one dimensional layer which is based on primarily the main plot (purpose). With the use of author comments, this expands the lifespan of the book. It gives the reader additional layers of depth into the life of characters and authors thoughts. Thus, the book can be read from an academic point of view (seeking a deeper understanding) or it can be read just for leisure – thus enjoying the plot twists and side stories.


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