Leading in the First Person by Shawn Abrams

Leading in the First Person by Shawn Abrams

This is the leadership/relationship book that no one else would write but everyone should read. You can lead every area of your life. Know this: Anything that you do not lead, including problems, you will by default follow. Don't follow problems, lead them to resolution! Successful leaders lead people and manage their emotions. Ironically, people are more inclined to follow relationships than leaders. The latter is the sub-theme of this book. Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions and those who would embrace it. The cover of this book holds the 5 Lead statements that leaders must concern themselves with on the way to success. 

Reading this book will allow you to:

• Recognize critical leadership mistakes and how to recover from them quickly

• Successfully lead your life instead of following it

• Build rather than just maintain relationships

• Shape your vision and influence others to follow it

• Review effective mentoring and coaching techniques 

The author beleives a leader will firstly lead themselves and manage their own emotions. That same leader must do the same thing for those he/she serves. 
Question: Are you complaining or campaigning about your current problem(s)? 
Leading is an act but leadership is a discipline! It’s hard work and sometimes unforgiving but very necessary. 

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