Nina and Rocksoft Adventures: The Helpless Zebra by Nina Nganga

Nina and Rocksoft Adventures: The Helpless Zebra by Nina Nganga

Nina loves animals and tries to protect them whenever she can. One sunny day, Nina and her best friend, a horse named Rocksoft, go for a ride by the hillside. Their ride turns scary when they spot nasty poachers in the area and a little zebra all alone. Nina knows the poachers are after the zebra, but she doesn’t have much time to help. She and Rocksoft must act fast if they want to rescue the helpless zebra.

About the Author Nina Nganga

Nina Nganga is in grade 5 here in Nairobi, Kenya
She is 10 years old
She is passionate about animals and is a regular at the local KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals).
She has written a picture book which Station 77 ( has published on Amazon
She wants to advocate for kids to have empathy towards animals. 
She wants to donate some of the proceeds from her book to have a protective shelter built in her name at the local KSPCA.
She has inspired her younger sister to also write a story and she'll be releasing her story soon.

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