Drex Harding: Versus The Middle School Mafia by Jon O'Connor

Drex Harding: Versus The Middle School Mafia by Jon O'Connor

WARNING: One chapter of this book is missing! You'll need to be clever enough to decode the puzzles to unlock the missing chapter. Some of these chapter titles are VERY DIFFICULT to crack. 

Drex Harding was the quiet kid in school that most people ignored, but something was about to change. When his locker neighbor, Trish Solden is found distraught because her phone was missing and may have been stolen Drex knows he needs to help.

Drex quickly finds himself caught in the middle of a school crime ring and is now on the hunt for answers and justice. Drex will need to use all his wits, his unique perspectives on the world around him, as well as some ingenuity to outsmart the middle school mafia and it's leader.

This book is a fun read with original pictures to complement each chapter as well as an interactive puzzle for the readers to crack!

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