Bikini Prep Guide: All You Need To Know To Win Your First Show by Kasia Kwiatkowska

Bikini Prep Guide: All You Need To Know To Win Your First Show by Kasia Kwiatkowska

Kasia has just written her first Bikini Prep Guide for fitness lovers, who dream of competing. She has competed in 4 shows, and won 3 of them. This book is a summary of her prep, and lots of tricks and tips on how to survive the first time stress during prep. She also discuss briefly the training and diet, and few tips on how to chose the right bikini. It is a brief guide, only 5000 words.

So, you want to compete in a bikini contest. Why not? Thousands do the same every year. All you need is the right figure, confidence and some basic poses to get you started, right?

Actually there is a bit more to it than that and although you are already on the right tracks this book, Bikini Prep Guide: All You Need to Know to Win Your First Show, will make sure that you do much better than the average newcomer, with great advice on:

 How to mentally prepare
 How to plan meals and training
 How to get that winning bikini shape
 How to avoid basic posing mistakes
 What you need to know before you commit to it
 How to financially prepare for the show
 How to survive peak-week
 And more…

If entering and, more importantly winning, your first bikini contest is high on your list of priorities then make sure you are armed with the essentials before you start.

Bikini Prep Guide will help you to stand out from the crowd when on stage and make epic first time appearance!

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