How To Cure Your Road Rage: (Permanently) by Damien Richards

How To Cure Your Road Rage: (Permanently) 
by Damien Richards

Are you aware that road rage is a mental illness that millions of Americans suffer from? It is a condition recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Many sources tell you how to "avoid" road rage in a few easy steps because they think it's nothing more than an unlucky incident that can be avoided. They have no idea there are way to many drivers out there who suffer from various degrees of road rage and chances are you are one of them. 

No one likes to think of themselves as having a mental disorder. But what else do you call it when a motorist starts yelling at a complete stranger that in any other circumstance would say nothing? Road Rage is equivalent to the condition that describes "disgruntled postal workers". Hence, people driving "go postal" the moment some small thing sets them off. Millions of motorists are ticking time bombs ready to go off at any unpredictable minute. There is a very good chance that you are among them and don't even know it. Unfortunately, most people don't find out how severe their road rage is until it's too late and they're having some type of altercation with another motorist. 

Road Rage is an epidimic! If you drive every day, you see various forms of it more often than naught. The most basic manifestation is constant honking of the horn. This can easily morph into more serious forms. The best thing we do is not avoid it... but eradicate it altogether! And this is a whole lot easier than you might think! Why spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on a therapist who will only tell you what's in this book?

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