Ignite your Life by Deborah Toussaint

Ignite your Life  by Deborah Toussaint

This book promotes self-care and personal transformation. It introduces the concept of learning to unlearn and contains the recipe for letting go and moving on. We’ve all experienced emotional pain in some way or another. When we feel sorrow, disappointment, anger or heartbreak, our family and friends will tell us to move on and let go, but we simply don’t know how. We keep holding onto those feelings, wanting for that apology, explanation and release from what appears to be holding us back. We become depressed and attached to the sadness, drama and waiting for someone to fix us, to make us feel better.

In an extraordinarily courageous move, Deborah has created a simple program for all to be able to follow. One that will activate the heart and mind, freeing them from the shackles of the past, allowing them instead to expand into creating a powerful and inspired future.

This book provides humanity with an empowered means to trans- form and to actively walk in the light. It takes great courage to step away from the habits and stories that no longer serve, to enable one to embrace a life of joy, love and wonder. This book will enable you to create a miracle mindset, and to live the life you always dreamed of.

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