Why The Trees Change Color in Fall: Myth or Fact? by Nodi Khan

Why The Trees Change Color in Fall: Myth or Fact? by Nodi Khan

Diversity and Acceptance seen through a child's eye (the author) and explained through her imaginative story telling relating to things we see and find in Nature. This is a magical journey about a happy loving family of “Six Grass Strands” that lived in harmony in their birth land, they had everything they needed or wanted, and everything was picture perfect where they lived until one sunny day which changed everything, when that sunny day turned into a dark grey day and when a furious Tornado came in, swept them away and changed everything for these Six Stands of Grass Siblings. When the storm passed, and they woke up, they realized they were no longer home, but in a strange new place, where things looked and smelled very different, everything was different, the climate, the colors, the sun, the sky, the plants, everything! They had no choice but to stay in this strange mysterious land where they found themselves, as they were viciously injured and needed to heal themselves before they could figure a way to get back home This however becomes extremely daunting when they are constantly bullied, made fun of and harassed by the other native plants that surrounded them, they were simply despised because they looked different. And as the days passed, The Six Strands of Grass slowly depleted their supply of tolerance, each individual strand of grass soon started to spiral downhill a dangerous and destructive path. It was only till the other plants started to physically shove, push and kick Sister Six (the youngest sibling), that Sister Six realized, that she couldn’t wait for a change. But that she had to make one. And in that moment, “Sister Six” makes the decision to do something about it. AND EVERYTHING CHANGES.. In considering the times we now find ourselves in and all the divisions surrounding our world, this is a story of hope, diversity, acceptance, inclusion and an inspiration to stay true to yourself and never change but be yourself always wherever life takes you.

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