Lucky by chris conquer

Lucky by chris conquer

Apart from his adopted mum, no one liked this deformed creature. And his adopted sister and her friends whenever they could would treat him so badly. In the end to get away from their torment he would hide deep in the families’ nest, not wanting to come out. His mum called him Lucky. He’s not lucky the sister would say. More like Yucky. And he was just wasting everybody’s time before he dies.
But a great destiny was waiting for him … Providing he can survive the weather and, more importantly, his sister .............

An in depth view of the story.
Humans are social creatures – that is to say hell is other people; but so is heaven. They are also tribal – that is to say they prefer some people to others. And they try to keep their friends by themselves being friendly to them. 
The story is about social creatures. It tries to show their interactions without partisan bias. It removes the reader’s interfering knowledge of humans by having the characters be penguins.
The mother’s life is transformed by her caring for an infant bizarrely ill-formed. Her joy in the affection of the infant is felt as a transformation of her life. And the infant has a similar glow from being loved.
The daughter feels deeply forsaken and neglected, but the mother is quite unaware of this. The daughter’s attitude affects the friendships she makes and the hostile cruelty of the way she privately treats and mocks the infant.
The husband is charming and friendly to all except the infant which he ignores as if it did not exist but without any apparent contempt. He is feckless, incapable of consistent adult behaviour, irresponsible, ineffectual, incompetent, but very charming and winningly childish. 
The discrepancies among the family are handled by ignoring them. The story reaches its climax and resolution with the eventual clash of these till-then-ignored contradictions.

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