King by Donum Dei

King by Donum Dei

The regulations related to wild nature are still in charge among human beings. Around us, we can witness sentimental souls, the innocuous, and the impotent creatures. The innocent and pure ones, who are beaming with positive zeal. 

At the other end of the scale, we have beasts. Such people who have experienced traumas. They have been brought up to never give up and to win. They find great pleasure in driving their victims crazy. In their hatred towards life they construct an ideal cloak of mystery and enchantment for their victims. Destiny works in mysterious ways and sometimes two predators fall in love, as a result of an appalling mistake

One of the most extravagant man to walk on earth is Alexander King. He is considered as the perfect man by majority of the people. He owns the most grad airline company and is the chief executive officer of King Worldwide Holdings. He is a definitive seeker. The most dominant man in the business world. A man totally in control, destined to lead everyone. He takes every step with determination and power. There is nothing that he is not capable of doing. 

But then, he meets Miss Douros. The woman, who wouldn't bow down before anybody. Particularly a man. Despite what might be expected, she makes their reality a horrific experience. 

Passion, anger, hatred... and hence the war begins. There could only be one winner. 

Mr King, you have thirty minutes left." 

He raised his head gradually, his dim eyes, settled on me. This man was going to make me rape him. I had overdue his limits, it was evident from the way he gazed at me. If he could, he would kill me and showered his people with my blood, while celebrating. I found so much pleasure in getting him mad. His angry look was hotter than any flirt, I had in my life. 

His hands once again went through his hair, leaving them messed up like he just had sex. He let out a full breath, averting his gaze to the ceiling, as if praying to grant him patience. 

“Do you want to know, what I'm doing with my toys Ligeia?
I break them.”

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