Braveheart: From Broken to Beautiful by Brandi' M. Douglas

Braveheart: From Broken to Beautiful by Brandi' M. Douglas

So, you’ve given it your all – your sweat, your tears, your time, your emotional investment – and it still wasn’t enough. Your relationship, for whatever reason has ended, and you’re left looking at the broken pieces wondering, “now what?” How do you continue living a life that wholly involved another person? How do you keep up with daily obligations like breakfast and work and maintaining connections with friends and family when opening your eyes in the morning seems like too difficult a feat? How do you navigate the guilt? How do you police the series of what ifs? How do you move on?Braveheart is not just a self-help book. It is a comprehensive workbook designed to take the millions of post-break-up thoughts panging around your head, extract them, get them down on paper, and make sense of them. You’ll be taken through passages and prompts regarding topics that range from the denial that naturally accompanies a broken heart, accepting your new circumstances, and navigating regret, to arriving at forgiveness and eventually taking ownership of your independence and control of your future, all while reminding you that God’s got your back.You may feel lost right now, but every season and event in life contributes to a larger journey. This leg of the journey feels like an unsteady one - filled with forced transparency and self-reflection, ubiquitous uncertainty, and eventually growth; But, it is the conquering of this perceived tragedy that will contribute to your overall strength and resilience as an individual, and take you from Broken to Beautiful.

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