Pharaoh's Slave by Guy Stanton III

Pharaoh's Slave by Guy Stanton III

An ancient history sunken beneath the tides - A remote mountainous place forgotten by the rest of the world – And a buried past that holds the key to possibly both mankind’s destruction and its salvation. All that stands in the way is a slave girl destined for either redemption or hell and a man left to live out an obscure existence and yet now might be humanity's last best hope for freedom, even as an ancient demon threatens all. The only question left is, who will get to the key first?

Pharaoh’s Slave is the exciting story of the pursuit of harmony and of what the right resonances of choice can inspire. It is a story about the choices that decide heaven or hell and last but not least, it's the story of the adventure to be entailed when a promise is made by the Author of all Life, and its journey to fulfillment even if it is 6,000 years in the making. Read to discover how a key from the past unlocks one righteous man’s future and authors in the rebirth of a nation long left in the ashes of pre-antiquity history. As ancient sleeping evils rise to haunt the world of today, and monsters awaken to silence the foolishness of men, even so one will be taken on a journey of faith to see that God truly does know the End from the Beginning.

Pharaoh’s Slave is an inspiring, original, fresh take on the reality of what Christian Speculative Fiction was meant to be and what all Christian Fiction should be in terms of being both God honoring and truthfulness to reality. 

His eyes scanned the harbor. She’d been right. There was no missing the three-story yacht at anchor by itself in the harbor. The boat was one of a kind and no doubt so was its master. 
Shark season was going on right now and as his gaze lingered on the yacht he couldn’t shake the feeling that swimming through a feeding frenzy of great whites had more to offer in terms of positive outcomes than to keep his meeting at six. He couldn’t help it though. 
He was dead flat broke and well, there was the allure of whatever job they might have for him. No doubt it was something highly illegal, which was nothing new for him. 
While he offered his services for legitimate work he at heart was a thief. Always had been always would be. It was as simple as that. 
There’d been those who’d tried to change him, but they’d all failed the last of which had been his brother. He had no one anymore looking out for him except for perhaps one bartender, who probably cared for him more for the sake of his brother’s memory than for any other reason. 
No, in general, there was nothing left to lose as one way or another he had already squandered away everything of value in his life, so if tonight’s meeting was a date with the devil, then so be it.

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