Where Is My Elephant?: Emmah's BIG Problem (Little Emmah's BIG Hope) by Connie Kerbs

Where Is My Elephant?: Emmah's BIG Problem (Little Emmah's BIG Hope) by Connie Kerbs

Emmah (pronounced like "Emma") has a HUGE problem! She can't find her Ellah! (Pronounced like "Ella.") Where could she be? As if it isn't hard enough leaving her best friend every day for school, and now this! With every page turn, we gain more insight into Emmah's "BIG problem,” and realize things may not all be as they seem. 

This charming story, with its beautiful illustrations, engages readers into a child’s creative search for her lost friend. All the while, we see the world through an early childhood that has been filled with delightful and enriching (screenless!) activities – some of which Emmah must now leave behind for school.

The metaphor of "Elephant Problems" is a universal one that naturally eases into reassuring children about many different worries they may have, “BIG” and small. The perfect bedtime or anytime read, "Where Is My Elephant," nurtures the good caring of children - and their elephants! At the same time, it is a bit of a smart book, with an easy mystery for young children to enjoy solving. 

Most of all, Where Is My Elephant? is a FUN story sure to inspire young imaginations. After all, that is as fun as painting, having tea parties, riding bikes – or playing seek-n-find with our best elephant!

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