The Wise Slave: The King (the chaos day Book 1) by Fadi Bedaiwi

The Wise Slave: The King (the chaos day Book 1) by Fadi Bedaiwi


This novel is fiction of the highest quality. It’s easy on the reader at the beginning, introducing itself in a friendly way, but becoming more challenging – and more rewarding – as the pages turn. If you can handle this kind of adventure, then give it a go; be generous and try at least the first couple of pages. The tale draws the reader in slowly, but with enough interest, will generate intrigue and further roads into the adventure will soon be opened up...

It is a story about a wise man, who made himself a slave in order to gain people's support over an invented king. The king was the Korban sacrifice that enabled the kingdom to continue, a ploy, planned with the most intricate knowledge of the inevitable outcome of his actions.

When a boy, the slave was bullied at school. He was thought to be an idiot as nothing of what he said made sense to anyone. However, what was thought to be nothing but mindless babblings were the kernels of ideas that would eventually change the whole world. 

It is you, however, who will make or break the success of his future… if you give him a chance to tell his story to you. Like many beginnings it is rather mundane, plain even, like everyday life, but every adventure has small beginnings, like a seed, and with your interest - like rain and sunshine - it will supply the nourishment that will enable it to grow more complex as the tale unfolds, leading, with your goodwill, to a scintillating climax! 

This little bullied boy is destined to become the wealthiest person on Earth. He doesn't need the money – indeed it is irrelevant to him - but there are many things that he does yearn for. His invention made him money; enough money for him to become a king, but he gave the kingdom to a domineer to rule, and ganged up with the bad guys – groups that by conflict attracted each other. They were baited like fish, a costly sacrifice from the people, until the Restoration Time begins. This is where we begin our story - the end of the first part where the new part of the story begins. But let’s start from the beginning...

The beginning is the story of the machine. It began when the boy visited his uncle. He is married to a Spanish lady and every time someone knocked on the door, he called out loud for someone to open it. Over the years, he understood the message, even if he didn’t understand the words.

He began by thinking about inventing a sensor to read both behaviour and the noise that language makes, and to translate it into a language that everyone could understand. The boy was successful and within less than 3 years had built the machine. To begin with, it could only translate simple things, for example, the command to open the door. However, within fewer than 2 years, the algorithms that the machine had been supplied with, began reading the behaviour and sounds of animals. Of course, we might not be able to decipher these communications, but the machine could.

With constant updates it even began to understand virus behaviour and became the first machine to understand how to cure cancer. This invention – as you might expect - made the boy the richest man in the world. The possession of money, however, wasn't his ambition. He had always been fascinated by isolated tribes – a fascination that began after he red about someone who was killed just for entering their territory. He eventually obtained permission from the U.S. government to perform scientific studies on these tribes – along with his personal and extensive armed escort. After a very long debate, an agreement was reached stating that the U.S. government would take no responsibility for his actions, should anything go wrong, and that the entire undertaking would remain completely confidential.
Arriving in an inhospitable land, ruled only by nature and the tribes that inhabited it, It was just the wise man, his machine and his 200 armed men that crossed the river into tribal territory. Hiding their..
The Wise Slave: the end of the Domineer (2 Book 1) by Fadi Bedaiwi

Chapter 2

This Chapter will talk about the Machine and how the Domineer was destroyed , then the beginning of new creation called the Phoenix ,

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