7 Figure Sales Skills: Selling To The Modern Customer By Thinking Like A Marketer by Mr Scott Allan

7 Figure Sales Skills: Selling To The Modern Customer By Thinking Like A Marketer by Mr Scott Allan

At the centre of every transaction you will find someone selling something to someone else. It’s never been simple, but for thousands of years the process has been mostly linear. A salesperson told a prospect about the product, tried to explain some features and benefits and then asked them to buy said product or service. To win in the age of the modern customer though it isn’t that linear anymore. Today’s salespeople are expected to do much more to win business, It isn’t just as simple as picking up a phone and booking a meeting. There is social media, data, avatars, presenting, buyer enablement, customer experience, customer effort and more to consider.It all sounds so damn hard !You see selling in the era of what I call the “modern customer” doesn’t have to be difficult. There are key steps you can do to attract, engage and win business even at enterprise level that will shorten your sales cycle, ensure you are having quality conversations with the right prospects at the right times. If you know how.In this book by Scott Allan you will learn the art of selling, by thinking like a modern-day marketer, so you can amplify your authority, be a trusted adviser and provide genuine commercial insights to your prospects and customers. Utilizing a range of frameworks and tools, you can finally get ahead of your competition via a new type of influence. One that will get your prospects to know, like and trust you. Even if they haven’t heard of you…yet. Once you have gained trust and authority via social media, that is where you take those conversations offline and/or in person. 

By the end of this book you will know: 

• How to build your customer avatar

• What social selling really is and how to use it effectively

• How to craft your messaging and build authority

• Use the likes of Linkedin for client outreach and prospecting

• How to craft content that befits your audience (and doesn’t take forever)

• The Storytelling System I use when presenting offers to clients

• How to generate hot leads online

• Closing Sales – in person and online.

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