Practical Artificial Intelligence: An Enterprise Playbook

Practical Artificial Intelligence: An Enterprise Playbook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring about radical improvements in the workplace and industry at large; the technology is sound, the math behind it robust. The market is enthusiastic and billions of dollars a year are being invested in AI; billions more will be spent over the coming years. Nevertheless, AI projects often never get off the ground, fail early, or disappoint in the long run. In this book we explain how to implement AI correctly and dramatically improve your chances of success.  The truth of the matter is that the reasons for past failures, though multiple, are easy to spot and avoid. The remedy does not require advanced mathematical skills or deep insights into the world of coding and application development. In this book, we show you how to approach your AI project from start to finish correctly. We provide you with a practical playbook to use in your day to day work, one that takes you from an initial strategy, through to a successful deployment to deliver transformative results. We provide you with an unbiased and truly independent perspective on AI: exploring its strengths and its weaknesses, where it should and should not be used, and even going so far as to prime you on the 'dark side' of AI. There is no doubt that AI provides great power to change the way you work, but as Uncle Ben of Spiderman fame advised us, "With great power comes great responsibility." AI can go wrong, and when it does, it can have devastating consequences. The guidance we provide in this book will help you to avoid those problems and lead you to success.

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