Police Officers on Patrol Series (The Foot Chase by the Mexican Border!) by Shaun Edward Sundahl

Police Officers on Patrol Series (The Foot Chase by the Mexican Border!) by Shaun Edward Sundahl

The Police Officers on Patrol Series: The Foot Chase by the Mexican Border! is a children’s book of a series geared toward children ranging from ages of 4 to 8.

The author, Shaun Sundahl—a parent, educator, and a police officer—originally intended on publishing these books for the children or close relatives of law enforcement officers; however, he soon realized that any child interested in learning about the adventures of police officers will benefit from his book.

The Foot Chase by the Mexican Border! is a book based on the real work of police officers assigned to a small town in the United States bordering Mexico. Yes, this town actually exists and is located in the Imperial County of California, U.S.A.!

So, Bobby the Bad Guy is out and about, ready to test the officers’ patience, skills, and abilities! Will he be captured? Will there be a foot chase? To find answers, let’s read the book to find out! Your child reader is even given several EXCITING opportunities to “help” the officers! The adult reader and child will soon learn that Shaun’s books are distinguished from other books in the same category. Most other books are not written by a police officer. Since a police officer is authoring and publishing these books, children learn about REAL events, REAL equipment, REAL tactics, REAL crime solving strategies, and REAL pursuit intervention techniques. Further, several of the characters in each book have name tags and badge numbers.

All main characters in the Police Officers on Patrol Series are named and illustrated after REAL law enforcement officers, and are designed for the child to understand and appreciate the officer’s work.During the book’s development, Shaun worked closely with his illustrator to develop characters and actions that are as realistic as possible and that are “child-friendly.”

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