STOP WISHING START CREATING: 7 Step Blueprint for Manifesting Your Dreams by Gertrude Marie

STOP WISHING START CREATING: 7 Step Blueprint for Manifesting Your Dreams by Gertrude Marie

In Stop Wishing Start Creating, author Gertrude Marie draws on 15 years of personal and corporate instruction, helping thousands of people to harness the powers of the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditations to offer you a proven and powerful 7-step blueprint that anybody can use to create the life of their dreams. 

Stop Wishing; Start Creating starts where  The Secret  Abraham Hicks and manifestation books like The Frequency leave off, by giving readers easy-to-understand guidance on how to manifest happiness, love and attract their dream life. Learn how to power up your energy and bring it to a higher frequency where the Law of Attraction will work for you, manifesting a reality beyond your wildest dreams. This life-changing Law of Attraction book takes your understanding to another level by outlining an easy to follow manifestation code with ‘Seven Attractor Steps.’ It includes fun ‘Let’s Play’ exercises that can work as a Law of Attraction journal allowing you to achieve a high frequency and attune your energy to whatever you want to manifest, so you can attract it to your life easier and faster.  As you attune your thoughts, words, feelings and frequency to your Higher Purpose and that which you want to manifest, you become a magnet of good things; you start attracting prosperity, love, happiness, success, and miracles, and can even help you overcome limitations like shyness, anxiety or low self-esteem.

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