Was I to blame?

Was I to blame?

Whoever said this life was easy? I can tell you now that it’s no easy stroll in the park, not if you’re married to an alcoholic, particularly one who has experienced great trauma and struggles with unresolved issues concerning his sexuality.

Angie, lives in West London with her husband George and their two children. Her life revolves around family and three very close friends, Molly, Helen, and Janet. Their bonds are sometimes tested by suspicion and rumour. Meanwhile, George’s drinking takes precedence over his family. Alcohol is his crutch and blanket, supporting and insulating him against the trauma he suffered at the loss of his adored brother Vincent, who was murdered in a brutal stabbing at the age of just seventeen.

Unbeknown to Angie, George is also trying to insulate himself from acceptance of his homosexuality. The drama and complexities of her friend’s lives add layers to her concerns until sometimes it all becomes too much for her. There is so much lying, deceit and betrayal in her life that she hardly knows which way to turn at times. As the story unfolds she uncovers deeper and deeper betrayals on George’s part. Finally, his biggest betrayal of all tears them apart and leaves her heartbroken.

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