Life in the Big City by Monet Rondel Ayla

Life in the Big City by Monet Rondel Ayla

At a high school in Brooklyn, a despondent substitute teacher bombs countless interviews in search of her dream job. After a tragic accident, she works for a powerful fixer who forces her rise to the top in a very unconventional way.

“Life in the Big City is a story about Monique, a substitute school teacher who longs to work at a big-city magazine. She tends to freeze up at interviews, however, so hasn’t landed any job other than her teaching one. The storyline follows Monique as she wakes up from an accident to a life she doesn’t remember.” - HugeOrange

“She is now the head of a magazine and has a lifestyle commensurate with that. Monique interacts with the new people in her life and the changes and slowly realizes what’s truly important to her.” - HugeOrange

“The author writes in a unique fashion......” - Susan Wise

About the Author:

MONET RONDEL AYLA is a blogger with a B.A in English Language and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. The Bahamian Native grew up in a blended family in the nation's capital of Nassau. She now lives in a nuclear family household with her parents and two brothers. At thirteen, she developed a love for writing and poetry. Her goal is to remain faithful to writing so her voice will register through the noise. Follow her on Twitter and her Facebook page.

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